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Cuisinart 7-Speed SmartPower Blender

The only reason we haven’t replaced this thing yet is that we don’t use it very often. If we ever got back to making smoothies regularly, I know we’d get a new blender.

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Cuisinart Mini-Prep Plus Processor

Just like the old Mini-Prep, this one has a very handy use: small amounts of salad dressing or ingredients can be tough to process in a huge food processor, and who wants to clean all that real estate for six basil leaves? The Mini-Prep plus will handle small amounts of foods just wonderfully.

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Cuisinart Ice-Cream Maker

We’ve replaced our Krups with a Cuisinart, and we believe that we have traded up in every way. If you need an ice cream maker, I heartily recommend the Cuisinart.

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Cuisinart Waffle-Maker, Round, WMR-CA

The waffles made by this waffle-maker aren’t large, so it takes a little while to bake a raft of waffles for the family. But it’s perfect for small recipes meant for just a couple of people.

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