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The Murlocs Are Coming!

“So the murlocs are after us for improper hazmat disposal?” This was, in fact, a quote from our D&D game yesterday. (3.5, in case anyone was wondering.) Of course they weren’t actual murlocs; those are from World of Warcraft. But

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"D&D 4th Edition Core Rulebook Collection," by James Wyatt, Rob Heinsoo, Andy Collins, Mike Mearls, and Stephen Schubert

Overall, I’m disappointed in D&D 4th edition. For now, my campaign is going to stay based on 3.5. I think I could make a good game out of it, but it would take more effort in house rules than I’m willing to put in.

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Dungeons & Dragons Fourth Edition

You knew we had to do it—we bought a copy of the fourth edition Dungeons & Dragons ruleset. This isn’t a review, as we haven’t finished it nor played it yet. It’s just a few first impressions which might or

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You know you have great friends when…

Yesterday was a D&D day. We visited friends in Virginia, brought rice pudding, ate yummy spaghetti (I think when you have kids with narrow tastes and you make lots of spaghetti, you must get awfully good at making great spaghetti),

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The Matriarch’s Journal

In yesterday’s post I mentioned that I was hoping to create entries from the matriarch’s journal rather than simply describing it when the party found it. I did, in fact, do that. I also managed to dig up some nice

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Of Sand & Dreams

I love our version of Christmas. My husband and I stay home and relax. We do pretty much one thing that’s special–we set aside all chores and just enjoy ourselves. Whether we want to watch movies or TV, play Warcraft,

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