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it’s a quest thing

Yay! I finally ordered an 8G memory card for my digital camera, so I won’t be limited to 17 (yes, 17) pictures using the camera’s original 32M card. Thankfully, memory cards are surprisingly non-expensive through Amazon these days. The trick

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I will spare you. I will not do the ‘omg I just got a new camera and have to illustrate EVERYTHING’ thing of taking a picture of the mountain of tissues next to me. And I was only tempted to

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A taste of things to come

I have a camera. Yes, yes I do. I have my first ever digital camera. Yeah, I’m behind the times, so sue me. One of the things I want to do with it is include photos in the cookbook reviews

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No Reviews Today

It’s appointment day. This morning I went to see my GI doc. The last HIDA scan showed no gallbladder problems (which doesn’t fit with the symptoms, but that’s the weirdness of the human body for you), so in about a

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