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Retail Sadness

Okay, bunch o’ stuff today. But first: It’s really sad to see someone’s dream die. A couple of months ago I noticed that there was a new organic market opening near us. ‘Great!’ I thought. ‘We won’t have to go

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M&Ms and Nintendo Suck

Last Friday night I ended up staying up almost all night with lots and lots of stomach pain. This led to a very exhausted and nauseous and headachy Saturday. At some point I had just two of the speckled minty

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The Furniture, Revisited

First, in non-furniture news, I have a non-review of Patricia Rice’s Mystic Rider. I almost never do this, but I just couldn’t get myself to read the whole thing. While that means I can’t review the book as such, I

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We’ll talk on Monday

Oy… I meant to post a bunch of stuff today. I put up some new designs in the Gamers’ Heaven cafepress shop, finished a book to review, wanted to chat a bit about a 48-hour reading marathon coming up in

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