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Exploring Mental Illness (Writer’s exercise)

First, read the exercise. Second, read the text that follows–it’s quoted from a blog entry I wrote more than a year ago. Finally, grab paper and pen and get to work! Pick a fictional character (one you’ve already created, one

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“To sleep, perchance to dream…” (Writer’s Prompt)

Pick one of the following situations, preferably either something that immediately sparks an idea or something that seems outrageous or unusual for that character, and, with as little thought as possible, put your character in that situation and just start

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Variable Endings (Writer’s Prompt)

In James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure, he says that one of the best ways to avoid trite turns of plot is to cultivate the sort of imagination that “considers several possibilities before deciding which scene to write.” So today,

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Can you spare a dime? Shirking Workers (Prompt)

Make a list of the characters from one of your pieces of fiction. Next to each, write a brief phrase summing up their attitude toward getting work done or their method for approaching their work. In some societies, your occupation

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