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EVE Online and… women (sorta)

I went longer than I meant to before writing another post. Shocker, I know. Anyway, I spotted a special installment of EVE Blog Banter that got the neurons firing, so I thought I’d participate (even though I never have before—no

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Gamers Driving

There we were, driving back from the grocery store. We arrived at the traffic light and saw something unusual, something unexpected: a dark blue race car. The driver wore a helmet; it sat low to the ground; and it had

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World of Warcraft Top Pet Peeve List

First, I should note that the new review for the day is of Greg Bear’s “Dead Lines”. And now, on to the latest rewrite of a more-than-a-year-old Warcraft post. Most of my major pet peeves with respect to World of

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Solo Play in World of Warcraft

It’s getting harder and harder to solo your way through World of Warcraft. The older the servers get, the more guild-play and raiding affect the economy and practices. At this point, no matter how much of a loner you are,

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