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Gift ideas for cooks, 2012

Since I review a lot of cookbooks, I thought you might appreciate this one. I got a bit into the whole Modernist Cooking idea this year, just because food science is pretty neat and lets you do cool things. I

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Handmade bookmarks for sale!

I love to make beaded bookmarks (and hair sticks, but the former is more relevant here)! Below are photos of a few of my favorites, including the ones with the gorgeous glittering oval Swarovski crystals; the photos link directly to

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Last-Minute Mother’s Day Recommendations

I wanted to chime in with a couple of last-minute recommendations for Mother’s Day. Thanks to quick shipping, it isn’t too late if these look good to you! For cat lover moms: Purry Logic by Jane Seabrook. It’s a little

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Dire Crickets

In New England we had little black crickets that didn’t even make me—notorious bug wimp that I am—nervous. In Maryland we don’t have crickets, we have Dire Crickets, a reference that any D&D geek will understand in a heartbeat. They’re

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Passing along a press release I thought you folks might be interested in. After all, it has stuff in it about FREE BOOKS! Well, potentially free, anyway, if you win a contest. 🙂’s Books as the Perfect Gifts Countdown

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Retail Sadness

Okay, bunch o’ stuff today. But first: It’s really sad to see someone’s dream die. A couple of months ago I noticed that there was a new organic market opening near us. ‘Great!’ I thought. ‘We won’t have to go

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2007 Recommendations for Cooks

Here we are: our third annual recommendations for what to buy your favorite cook for the holidays; while I review a bit of everything, I seem to end up reviewing the widest variety in cookbooks, making it a great topic

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Late 2006 Holiday Buyers’ Guide (for cooks)

I’m afraid this year’s gift guide for cooks was way later than I intended–watching over Selene followed by a week of fever really changed my plans. I apologize, and with any luck it’ll be much earlier next year. Hopefully you’ll

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What to buy your favorite cook for the holidays: 2006 Buyers’ Guide

If your favorite cook already has plenty of the basics, one alternative is to give them something a bit different and interesting. Specialized items, or items of unusual design, are a good option.

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What to Buy Your Favorite Cook for the Holidays: 2005 Buyers’ Guide

This year we tested out an awful lot of cookware and cookbooks, both items sent to us for review and things we own ourselves. I thought I’d summarize some of my highest recommendations here to help you figure out what

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