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2012 gift guide for cooks posted on reviews site!

Gift Guide for cooks: Today I wrote my 2012 gift guide for cooks, tackling the new modernist cooking trend. It includes a link to my review of the original “modernist cuisine” book set, as well as links to various bits

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Handmade bookmarks for sale!

I love to make beaded bookmarks (and hair sticks, but the former is more relevant here)! Below are photos of a few of my favorites, including the ones with the gorgeous glittering oval Swarovski crystals; the photos link directly to

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Pros: Beautiful handmade soaps with extraordinary scents; a company with character and personality Cons: Leave some extra time when you order Rating: 5 out of 5 Visit Soapier online is a small family-run operation that makes handmade soaps—beautiful,

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