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2012 gift guide for cooks posted on reviews site!

Gift Guide for cooks: Today I wrote my 2012 gift guide for cooks, tackling the new modernist cooking trend. It includes a link to my review of the original “modernist cuisine” book set, as well as links to various bits

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On Hot Chocolate Samplers

My husband and I have a long history of enjoying hot chocolate together going back about 15 years. So this year for Valentine’s Day I wanted to get him some sort of really nice hot chocolate. Now, really nice hot

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Recipe: Hybrid Hot Cocoa Mix

Recently I found a commercial hot cocoa mix that included finely chopped chocolate. I’ve had plenty of “normal” hot cocoa mixes, as well as the delight that is chopped chocolate melted into hot milk, but I hadn’t had a hybrid

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"Hot Chocolate" by Michael Turback

Some of these recipes call for one cup of dairy to 4 oz of bittersweet chocolate for one serving of hot chocolate, and even a couple of sips was almost enough to lay me out flat. Wow.

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