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"Luscious Lemon Desserts" by Lori Longbotham

“Luscious Lemon Desserts” is the must-have cookbook for the true lemon aficionado. Lori Longbotham knows how to showcase the clear, piercing flavor of lemon in all of its magnificence, whether you long for the creaminess of rice pudding, the luxuriousness of lemon mousse, or the palate-cleansing clarity of gelatin.

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"The Chocolate Deck," by Lori Longbotham

To a certain extent the utility of this deck is dependent on your personality and style; if you’re highly organized, I think you’ll find it much more usable than I did. If, like me, you have ADD-induced brain scatter, constantly having to find the small cards while you cook might drive you a tad nuts!

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