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Review: “Miracle Cure,” Michael Palmer

Pros: Plenty of twists and turns Cons: Hero is somewhat repugnant; overblown/cartoonish elements Rating: 2 out of 5 Brian Holbrook lost his medical license over prescription painkillers, and even though he’s clean, no one will hire him. When he finally

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"Miracle Cure," Harlan Coben

Pros: Taken in the context of when it was written, it’s actually quite good Cons: Heavy-handed preaching and tropes that have become overused Rating: 3 (or 4) out of 5, depending on whether you’re able to take it in context

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"Contagious," Scott Sigler

Pros: Fascinating plot; one or two interesting characters; neat story and medical stuff Cons: Characters went downhill since Infected Rating: 3 out of 5 Spoiler Warning: Since this is the second book in a series, it will be impossible to

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