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Five Books

I was over at Shiloh Walker’s blog reminding myself of her URL for the review I’m in the middle of writing (I just read the book she has coming out in November—-WOW!—review tomorrow). Anyway, she had a little meme there

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Catching up with memes

Whoops… running behind here! Got a couple memes I’ve been tagged on. And since my brain’s a little foggy this morning, what better way to warm up? First Melissa tagged me for the 6 random details meme. I have a

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Agave Nectar

Agave nectar is officially one of my favorite discoveries ever. I first read about it in Heidi Swanson’s Super Natural Cooking. It’s a sweetener in syrup form made from a cactus (the same one that gives us tequila), and it

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The Non-Fiction Meme

I got tagged for this one by Book Nut (aka Melissa) as well as Dolce Bellezza. So, what the heck. a) What issues/topic interests you most in non-fiction? Cookbooks and writers’/creativity books are my favorite non-fiction books. However, I’ll pick

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You Make My Day

I’m almost a month late, but I did get tagged by Dewey on the ‘you make my day’ meme. To quote Dewey, because she said it best: So let me start off by saying that every single person who reads

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