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Review: “A Cure for Madness,” Jodi McIsaac

Pros: Good toward the end Cons: Little plot holes and tropes scattered about Rating: 3 out of 5 In Jodi McIsaac’s A Cure for Madness, a town goes crazy. Clare, who had hoped she’d left her hometown for good, comes

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The Stigma of Bipolar

Over at Bipolar Scorpio, there’s a post called I THINK HE’S LIKE, BIPOLAR OR SOMETHING…. It includes two tales that represent the stigma that surrounds bipolar people. In both cases, people labeled someone as “bipolar” simply because the person disturbed

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"Slices: A Memoir-in-progress", Violet Wilson

Pros: Incredibly moving and visceral account of what it can be like to deal with a serious mental illness Cons: Not for people who will never comprehend how difficult it can be to have a mental illness Rating: 5 out

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"Neighborhood Watch," Cammie McGovern

Pros: Wow. What a complex web of themes, plots, characters, secrets, and intrigue. Cons: Sometimes a little too coy about hinting at things to come. Rating: 5 out of 5 Review book courtesy of Penguin Group   Betsy Treading has

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Exploring Mental Illness (Writer’s exercise)

First, read the exercise. Second, read the text that follows–it’s quoted from a blog entry I wrote more than a year ago. Finally, grab paper and pen and get to work! Pick a fictional character (one you’ve already created, one

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