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it’s a quest thing

Yay! I finally ordered an 8G memory card for my digital camera, so I won’t be limited to 17 (yes, 17) pictures using the camera’s original 32M card. Thankfully, memory cards are surprisingly non-expensive through Amazon these days. The trick

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Lost in the Ruins

Okay, I didn’t get a review written yesterday. But I have two books read & ready to be reviewed for this coming week (one fiction, one non-), and a cookbook almost ready (cooked from, but I need to read more

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Re-Imagining, Part I

Many things have changed since we first started selling shirts & stuff through cafepress at Gamers’ Heaven and Caffeinated Chicanery. I have a better sense of what will translate well from my screen to a T-shirt, mug, or poster. Cafepress

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Gamers Driving

There we were, driving back from the grocery store. We arrived at the traffic light and saw something unusual, something unexpected: a dark blue race car. The driver wore a helmet; it sat low to the ground; and it had

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Massively Caffeinated

I found the new Massively MMO news rag via Plaguelands. It’s kind of like a news rag on too much coffee, but that’s okay. Drop by often, check out their news posts on your favorite games, and enter all the

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Is it Thursday?

*blinks sleepily and glances at the watch* Yes, yes it is. Here are some links to the latest book reviews: The Ghirardelli Chocolate Cookbook Liza Fosburgh, Soups & Stews for Fall and Winter Days Jack R. Nerad, Complete Idiot’s Guide

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