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SousVide Supreme SVK00001 Water Oven

Pros: Produces AMAZING food Cons: A little awkward to empty and requires some arm strength; expensive Rating: 5 out of 5   My husband and I love to cook. So I got him a copy of the book set “Modernist

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2012 gift guide for cooks posted on reviews site!

Gift Guide for cooks: Today I wrote my 2012 gift guide for cooks, tackling the new modernist cooking trend. It includes a link to my review of the original “modernist cuisine” book set, as well as links to various bits

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Gift ideas for cooks, 2012

Since I review a lot of cookbooks, I thought you might appreciate this one. I got a bit into the whole Modernist Cooking idea this year, just because food science is pretty neat and lets you do cool things. I

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"Modernist Cuisine," Myhrvold, Young, and Bilet

Pros: Stunning collection of information, techniques, diagrams, photos, tables, recipes, and more! Cons: Very expensive; many of the recipes and techniques also require expensive, difficult-to-obtain, or space-hogging items or ingredients; complex techniques and recipes are not for the casual cook!

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