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Review: “The Cutting Room,” ed. by Ellen Datlow

Pros: Cerebral horror for film buffs Cons: I couldn’t connect emotionally with many of the stories Rating: 3 out of 5 Advance copy provided free by Tachyon Publications via NetGalley. Expected publication date: 10/14/2014.   The Cutting Room: Dark Reflections

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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Plot Holes

We had a long weekend here, and we ended up seeing the latest Indiana Jones movie. I was able to enjoy a lot of the various scenes when taken separately, but as a whole I mostly was left with a

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Enthralled by Thai Action Movies

I’ve always loved martial arts flicks. The problem is, these days they tend to use CGI and/or wire-work to enhance the wild and crazy stunts they portray. While I can enjoy a CGI or wire-work movie if that’s what I’m

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