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M&Ms and Nintendo Suck

Last Friday night I ended up staying up almost all night with lots and lots of stomach pain. This led to a very exhausted and nauseous and headachy Saturday. At some point I had just two of the speckled minty

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Character Portraiture

One of my favorite resources for fleshing out a character (for both writing & roleplaying) is the vast wealth of portraiture found online. I created a DeviantArt account largely so that I could start collecting DA character portraiture in a

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Maggie Again

I have a second review up for today: John D. Husband’s incredible Maggie Again. I also have some new pictures. (Speaking of which, I finally ordered a good-sized memory card for my camera! I won’t run out of room after

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Here’s the good thing about IKEA: while it’s true that a lot of their items are cheap in a pejorative sense, if you look around carefully you can get some great deals on some wonderful pieces of furniture. We found

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We’ll talk on Monday

Oy… I meant to post a bunch of stuff today. I put up some new designs in the Gamers’ Heaven cafepress shop, finished a book to review, wanted to chat a bit about a 48-hour reading marathon coming up in

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Soon! Really!

Sorry about the lack of reviews. It turned out there’s a gluten-free baking mix recipe in the gluten-free eating book, and I wanted to test it out before reviewing that book. I just made a final recipe from Sticky, Chewy,

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The Onslaught Begins!

Oh come on, you just knew it couldn’t last. I have a camera. I have cats. Of course this would eventually mean cat photos. If you’re insane enough to want to view lots of ’em (well okay, I’ve been trying

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Getting my fuzzy fix

I haven’t actually taken any cat photos in forever (one of these years we’ll get a camera, I swear), but I’m feeling the need to share a pic anyway. Even though this was taken more than three years ago, back

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