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Warning Signs

When I receive review requests from authors (especially self-published authors; also especially first-novel authors) there are certain ‘warning signs’ that I look for in their letters, and that cause me to reject the request even if I have the time

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The FTC & Influences on Reviewers

Jane over at Dear Author has written a fantastic piece about the new FTC rules regarding bloggers & “compensation.” I thought I’d take a moment to give you an idea where we stand with respect to the review items we

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Picture worth a hundred books

I finally did it. Now that I have a camera, I photographed my review book pile. It’s actually got one book in it that technically isn’t a review book (it was a contest win), and it’s missing one cookbook that

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Dewey’s Negativity Meme & More

Dewey has put up a fantastic new book meme that I just have to participate in, because it provides plenty of food for thought: the negativity meme. 1. When you dislike a book, do you say so in your blog?

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600 reviews?!

This morning I was stunned to realize that Errant Dreams Reviews now contains 600 reviews. Six HUNDRED reviews. SIX hundred REVIEWS! SIX HUNDRED REVIEWS!!! *ahem* Sorry about that. Got carried away. It took about 10 years, because I wasn’t always

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Ahh religion…

Last week I reviewed Jerry Jenkins’ Writing for the Soul. Jerry Jenkins is the author of the Christian fiction “Left Behind” novels. I’m not religious, and I really don’t like it when I feel that someone’s pushing their religion at

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Stuff for Gamers

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