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T-Day, Observed

7:00 am: I forgot the pie crust dough would have to be chilled before pre-baking, and the fats frozen before making the dough. So we froze the fats over breakfast and made the dough afterward in the food processor. Now

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“Our floor is awfully popular”

I believe I mentioned that whole thing where I posted a bunch of texture images on DeviantArt. Well, hands down so far the most popular one is the hardwood floor texture, which has been downloaded 37 times in the past

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Whatever Happened to Lady Jaye?

I was pretty young when I watched the G.I. Joe animated series as a child, but it was one of my favorite shows. So I couldn’t help taking notice—and poking around with a bit of trepidation and excitement—when I heard

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it’s a quest thing

Yay! I finally ordered an 8G memory card for my digital camera, so I won’t be limited to 17 (yes, 17) pictures using the camera’s original 32M card. Thankfully, memory cards are surprisingly non-expensive through Amazon these days. The trick

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Sew Nuts

A long time ago I got (slightly) into sewing—around the time I dropped out of college, I guess. Who could blame me? All those fun colors and patterns of cloth; the ability to make things that fit YOU rather than

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Save vs. Moving Van

I think we’ve come up with a decision for approaching that possible moving quandary. We’re going to work on the house to get it ship-shape for putting on the market, which gives us time to make sure this is what

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Reviews & More

First, two new book reviews. I had a chance to read the advance uncorrected proof of Tobias Buckell’s Sly Mongoose. Books like this are why being a reviewer makes me so happy. I might not make much money, and I

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The Furniture, Revisited

First, in non-furniture news, I have a non-review of Patricia Rice’s Mystic Rider. I almost never do this, but I just couldn’t get myself to read the whole thing. While that means I can’t review the book as such, I

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Umm, what was I saying?

I know there was something I wanted to post about, but my brain seems to be in a fog and I have no idea what it was. Oh well. I can at least link to the new site stuff. First,

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I will spare you. I will not do the ‘omg I just got a new camera and have to illustrate EVERYTHING’ thing of taking a picture of the mountain of tissues next to me. And I was only tempted to

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