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"How to Cook a Turkey," eds. of Fine Cooking

Pros: Delightful range of wonderful recipes; incredible feast of tips and tricks Cons: None that we could find Rating: 5 out of 5 Review copy courtesy of The Taunton Press.   Thanksgiving dinner is a tradition for my husband and

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T-Day, Observed

7:00 am: I forgot the pie crust dough would have to be chilled before pre-baking, and the fats frozen before making the dough. So we froze the fats over breakfast and made the dough afterward in the food processor. Now

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Ahh Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving has always been a pure excuse to cook for us. When we lived in the Boston area we would invite all the friends of ours who didn’t have family to go back to for the holidays (or who didn’t

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"50 Best Stuffings & Dressings," Rick Rodgers

“50 Best Stuffings and Dressings” is a very worthwhile cookbook. It’s a small little book, and I didn’t expect much from it, but somehow every year we end up pulling it out again. It’s simple, and most of its results are wonderful.

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