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Review: “Food52 Vegan,” Gena Hamshaw

Pros: Delicious food; lovely photos Cons: … Rating: 4 out of 5 I’m not vegan, but I believe that good vegan and vegetarian cookbooks can provide wonderful vegetable-based recipes. It’s a great way to find excellent side dishes, or reduce

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Review: “My New Roots,” Sarah Britton

Pros: Lots of pretty pictures and some creative healthy dishes Cons: Variable quality Rating: 4 out of 5 My New Roots: Inspired Plant-Based Recipes for Every Season, by Sarah Britton, is a good cookbook–it just isn’t a great one. It’s

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Review: “The VB6 Cookbook,” Mark Bittman

Pros: Delicious healthy recipes! Cons: Not for everyone Rating: 5 out of 5   I received this book for free from Blogging for Books for this review.   The VB6 Cookbook: More than 350 Recipes for Healthy Vegan Meals All

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Mollie Katzen’s Recipes: Desserts

Pros: Handy easel design; simple recipes; delicious results Cons: Although the book seems perfect for inexperienced cooks, it leaves some details out Rating: 4 out of 5 Review copy courtesy of Ten Speed Press. Visit Mollie Katzen online.   Mollie

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Eating Healthfully

The one thing that all ‘experts’ on health and eating (whether they’re doctors, nutritionists, or just proponents of the latest fad) seem to agree on is this: colorful, non-starchy veggies are healthy. They go back and forth on everything else,

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"Being Vegetarian" (CIG) Frankie Avalon Wolfe, M.H., Ph.D.

Pros: Extremely comprehensive tips and hints; wonderful recipes Cons: None that I can think of! Rating: 5 out of 5 Review book courtesy of Alpha Books. Visit Healing Feats, the author’s website. This is my second entry in the Soup’s

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"Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone," Deborah Madison

If you aren’t such a fan of spicy flavor as we are then you may well enjoy this book. Certainly if you feel nervous every time you step into a kitchen and would like a good source of vegetarian food, then by all means start here. Ms. Madison’s simple directions could turn anyone into a cook, even a few hopelessly kitchen-inept people I know.

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"The Greens Cookbook," Deborah Madison

This is a fantastic cookbook, whether or not you’re a vegetarian (we aren’t, and we love it!).

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"Dakshin: Vegetarian Cuisine from South India," Chandra Padmanabhan

Once again I find it difficult to rate a book. While for us it rated a 4, I feel I should give it a 3 overall. While the food is very good, this book won’t be widely useful to many people. A little more effort should have been put in to suggest alternatives for hard-to-find ingredients, or at least to explain how various dishes are meant to be eaten.

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