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Old(er) Women in SFF

Today I stumbled across a list of books that I think is quite useful! Catherine Lundoff put together a two-part list: Old(er) Women in SF/F, Book and Story List Part 1 A-M Old(er) Women in SF/F, Part 2 N-Z Not

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EVE Online and… women (sorta)

I went longer than I meant to before writing another post. Shocker, I know. Anyway, I spotted a special installment of EVE Blog Banter that got the neurons firing, so I thought I’d participate (even though I never have before—no

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Help women everywhere

Not familiar with the concept of honor killings? Familiar with them but don’t know much about them or how you of all people might do something about it? Read this post by Azteclady over at Karen Knows Best; read Joss

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