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Writing Prompt: Change the Future

I had a random thought this morning, and I think it would make an excellent writing prompt, so, here you go. Traditionally, in stories where people can foretell the future, or there are prophecies, it’s either impossible to change the

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Review: “Break the Block,” Leslie Watts and Alyssa Archer

Pros: Primarily process prompts; interesting photos Cons: There are so many prompt books out Rating: 4 out of 5 Review ebook provided free by publisher.   Okay, admission time: No matter how many writing prompt books I read (and I’ve

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I got the idea for today’s exercise when I was reading Bibliolatry’s review of Immortal. The character at the center of this novel is, as the title implies, immortal, but he doesn’t know why. The reviewer spends some entertaining moments

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I’ve read several self-help books by authors with psychology backgrounds that contend that people who focus daily on the things that make them thankful or grateful tend to be happier. (Authentic Happiness; The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You

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Family Secrets

One great way to pull a reluctant character into all sorts of devious dealings is to spring a family secret on him. Today, choose a character you’ve been working with and brainstorm a secret his family has been keeping from

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One Single Emotion

Since I was recently reading (and just reviewed) Dara Girard’s The Writer Behind the Words, I have ‘the writer’s life’ on the brain. So today we have a meta-exercise. Free-write a list of emotions that get in the way of

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The Perfect Holiday

Free-write about what you imagine a perfect holiday would be like. Cover the whole day, from morning to night, although you don’t have to write it chronologically. You don’t have to use Christmas or the equivalent as the holiday—pick any

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“Madame Nature”

Today, take a look at the following depiction of mother, or madame, nature. Write a brief scene with her as a character, preferably told from the first person (her point of view) or second (someone with her). Or, free-write or

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Quick! Choose!

Quick! Without thinking, pick one of the choices in each of the following sets (or some subset thereof), and then write a paragraph as to why you chose each one: Ninja, or pirate? Glass, or plastic? Hardwood, or carpet? Plastic,

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The Quirks of Internal Monologue

In the spirit of Bill James’s Wolves of Memory, here’s a particularly tricky exercise for you today. In my review of that book I said: Bill James fascinates me as an author. He does several things I’m not accustomed to

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