Gifts to My Future Self

Most of my gifts to my future self are pre-ordered books. At some point in the future Amazon will alert me that a new ebook has been sent to my kindle, and hey! Something unexpected and fun to read!

Lately I’ve been trying to get myself to eat better. I have energy and fatigue problems, so it’s hard to get myself to put the effort into cooking from scratch rather than, say, ordering out. I took a nutrition class this semester, however, partly because it sounded interesting and I wanted to take a class this term, and partly because I’d had the professor before and he’s really fun. This class has really brought home to me how important it is to eat right. It changes “gee, I should eat more fruits and vegetables” into “here are all the vitamins and phytochemicals you’re missing, and the ways in which that can impact your body.” It’s motivating.

So I decided to smush these two notions together. I signed up for two things: The Rotten Fruit Box, and Imperfect Produce. From Rotten Fruit I picked out a six-month subscription to the monthly seasonal fruit box. They have a much wider array of freeze-dried fruits than in any store, and freeze-dried fruits should work well in my overnight oats. Since I won’t know what I’m getting each month until it gets here, it’ll have that fun Christmas morning vibe to it. From Imperfect Produce I signed up for the weekly small veggie box. You can customize it each week, which means I can get rid of anything resembling an onion and pick something (anything) else I’d rather eat.

Apparently the Rotten Fruit thing is so popular they’re running about a week behind on shipping, so I’m impatient to get that first box. I’ll get my first Imperfect Produce box this week. I replaced the onions and green onions with a couple of mandarin oranges and a blood orange. I’m getting three kinds of greens (spinach, collard greens, and rapini), which, well, sauteed greens are incredibly easy and tasty, so yay. I’m getting two bell peppers, which, perfect to have with hummus. One pound of carrots, for which I’m thinking of making a vinaigrette and just dipping them. Finally, a pound of sweet potatoes, which I plan to roast and have with cinnamon and honey.

In other words, I’m turning my quest to eat better into a cross between opening a bunch of quasi-mystery gifts and playing a game.

I’ll come back at some point to say what I think of how the two programs work out vs. what they look like right now, and whether playing the game works.

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