Review: “Demon Curse,” Linsey Hall

Pros: Definitely a fun adventure
Cons: Formulaic
Rating: 4 out of 5

Linsey Hall’s Demon Curse (Dragon’s Gift: The Sorceress Book 3) is her latest book about Aeri/Aerdeca, blood sorceress and Dragon Blood living in the magical town of Magic’s Bend. When demons attack the enchanted pool in Aeri and Mari’s basement, the two women are left cursed. Unfortunately, the curse is fatal and they only have days to live. When Mari and their friend Del are kidnapped by a fallen angel named Acius, Aeri, Declan, and the rest of their friends have to figure out where they’re being held and how to get them free–also while finding a cure for the curse!

These books are heavily formulaic, so if you’ve read anything else in the series you know from the start that the curse and kidnapping aspects will likely be solved by the end of the book. Statues, of course, will always come to life and attack our heroes. Every aspect of the plot will require some sort of task or trial that risks the heroes’ lives. Some of the stars of the previous books will, of course, come back to help our main characters.

This time we get to meet the angels, visit a prison for supernaturals, and go back to Grimrealm. Aeri’s new nullification magic makes Declan feel ill when she touches him, but it’s so damn handy that she can’t consider getting rid of it (if it’s even possible). She must learn to control it so that she can be with Declan.

Note that Aeri’s books are a little more “adult” in nature than the previous books. There’s slightly more swearing, the main characters are a little less squeamish about killing bad guys, and there’s slightly more detail leading up to the behind-the-scenes sex. It’s still very mild.

I’m still enjoying these books, but I’d like to see a bit more surprise and variety by this point. There’s so little in these books that is unexpected. At least we always know we’ll get a cute romantic relationship, plenty of adventure, hard trials, and great fight scenes.

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