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I have a review of the upcoming ‘in death’ Robb novel, “Festive in Death” that should go up tomorrow. I read the first two of Tanya Huff’s Blood Books, and three of her ebook anthologies. I picked up a few

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My rant about why many series books should be able to stand alone

I’m working on a review of a book that is quite a ways on in a series—a series that I’ve never read from before. I already know from experience that some of the people who read my review will be

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New rating note

I realized I’d fallen into the habit of giving a 5 out of 5 sometimes simply because I couldn’t point to any specific negatives in a book. Unfortunately this meant that good-but-not-stunning books occupied the same rating as “it blew

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2012 gift guide for cooks posted on reviews site!

Gift Guide for cooks: Today I wrote my 2012 gift guide for cooks, tackling the new modernist cooking trend. It includes a link to my review of the original “modernist cuisine” book set, as well as links to various bits

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Dear Authors: On Amazon’s Editorial Reviews

Yesterday I stumbled across this blog post about Amazon’s practice of putting editorial reviews (from Publishers Weekly and similar mags) above the book description on Amazon pages. The post’s author notes: You may already know that book reviews can be

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Best. Granola Bars. Ever.

I’d been looking for something quick, easy, and not too unhealthy that my husband could have for breakfast before work in the morning. Preferably something he could just grab & go. Granola bars are great in theory, but most of

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Sorry for delays again…

Medication changes have made it difficult to get a lot done the last few weeks (yep, the meds that cured my insomnia make me so sleepy I can barely stay awake). On the plus side, we’re working on switching things

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The FTC & Influences on Reviewers

Jane over at Dear Author has written a fantastic piece about the new FTC rules regarding bloggers & “compensation.” I thought I’d take a moment to give you an idea where we stand with respect to the review items we

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Great listing of SF/F/H review blogs!

Here you go! Since I can’t list every cool review blog in the sidebar, I decided to participate in this list of SF/F/H review blogs put together by Grasping for the Wind. Very handy for folks looking for a good

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Cyborg Name

Get Your Cyborg Name   O frabjous day: we have a new book reviewer over at the reviews blog—Rene! She’s great, and has already posted a handful of reviews. Here are hers so far: Jane Austen & Seth Grahame-Smith, Pride

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